Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Funny, this homeless life. It is a solitary life. And there is no where to run. So you stay to yourself and try to avoid commotion. Yet, there is never a dull moment. There has been so many small events.

But that was not what I wanted to write about. I need to update on the progress of the website. There is so much to tell. This evening I"m going to a meeting of local nerds. See if I can find one that will help. And when I RSVP to go, I wrote I"m homeless. This should be interesting. But now to why I wanted to write today.

The soup kitchen at St. Leo Church. The line stretches against the wall around the eating area. Around shoulder height, on these walls are tiles. Thousands of tiles. All different color. Mostly painted by children. Paintings of flowers, oceans, and the countless amazing imaginations of children. I can see it now...Children, paint in these tiles. It will raise the spirit of the homeless that come in here.
They are all very colorful tiles with paintings and you can almost see yourself as child, in school, painting.
Most of these tiles are done by children. As I walked the line to get my food, 2 of these tiles stood out to me. Maybe because both of them were not paintings. They were words. Or maybe because what the words said.

First tile. Done by a child's brush.

"Don't look down on someone unless you going to help them up"

Second tile. In neat letters done by an adult.

"Happy Birthday Amanda. Miss you. Love Mom"

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