Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I really didn't want to start blogging. But discovered there is a blogger app and well, I do have a one downtime doing nothing. Mind as well be here writing about nonsense.

I've been living in my van for a couple months in Tacoma. If you going to be homeless, choose tacoma. More on how fantastic tacoma for the homeless is later. Oh and if you are a drug addict, it appears the whole downtown industry is drugs trade. Tons of black folks with no jobs and yet somehow have money and women in and out. Not saying blacks are drug dealers, but I see what I see.

I decided to jump on and write because, I'm waiting to take a shower At the guadalupe house. Typical wait is an hour. All the street people waiting, well guess when people stand around wait...? They open there mouths.

One older gentlemen seems pretty normal. Yet everyday, eventually the conversation always gets to how he is will be getting a big 179k check from the va. How his ex took hi business.. etc etc. Everyday the same topic.

You got the 50-60 year old philipina lady coming around. Sitting on the porch with the homeless. Tries to talk to one black man after another. Over heard her talking to one homeless black man she wanted him to come back to the apartment.
Yes, loneliness is a bitch. Old philipina trying to pickup homeless black men.

Well, she's not ad bad as the guy in fishing hat. Has a different woman he walks around. He was walking around with Carrie. They attend church sermon service. Then they stopped walking together and Carrie told me he was touchy feely and just want to her to do things. She's not into that.
Well he eats at the soup kitchen almost everyday. He Carrie around Like 3 bags. Always walking with some different woman he meets. And yes he live in an apartment. But man, if you going to do that, please don't attend church. Go pickup normal women in a normal church.

Just because we poor don't mean we want to sleep with you because you got an apartment.

Lonliness, more powerful than love.

Monday, March 4, 2013

How to Spot a fake homelss person

Me getting a second helping of rice.
This has been bugging me for a while. There is these 2 Asian guys that eat at the Millionaire's Club that serve breakfast and lunch to the homeless. The food is pretty good - that's why they come. But they are not homeless and I know they have never have in their past. If you ever been homeless, its so easy to spot a fraud. Its like us Asians that can tell a Korean from a Chinese or Vietnamese...etc. Well, for all you not in the know...the first most glaring tell.....They don't carry any BACKPACKS. 85% of the bagless = fraud.

Uggghh!! Them 2 Asian guys bug me so much whenever I see them. They show up when there is good food and skip the days when they serve nasty burgers. I purposely stare at one of them. Of course he never looks up.

On that note...I am dangerously close to be a fraud. I mean, I now have 2 vehicles and a job. My landlord asked me about this. My answer to her??

All these organizations helping people...I am exactly the kind of person they want to help. It is I who they want using their service.
Are these organizations doing what they do in hopes you stay homeless?

They want to see someone rise up from the ashes. These services main goal is to hope someone decides to end the "doing nothing with my life". There main goal is to help someone who wants to get up and be a contributor.

This breaded fish was good. (Millionaire's Club)
I am the one they are formed for. But man...if this job thing keeps going for more than 6 months from now...I am going to fall into that "Cheapskate" category. Blah..I'll say I"m just too lazy to cook and label me strange. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Real People

These are real people http://www.meetup.com/volunteerism-155

They feed the homeless every week and there is always a waiting list of people waiting to help out. That's how full they get. To me, they are the real people.

They go and help people for nothing in return. Nothing. Except to be human. They are not a religious group that perform certain deeds for a chance at heaven. Nor are they a corporation doing for publicity or a tax right off.

Humans are such interesting animals. What makes certain ones not give a shit of another human. While standing next to another human that wants to love him.

Cats are safer than me

For 2 months now, A lady in the Central District of Seattle is allowing me to park in her driveway for a fee. I gave her $170 last month. Bless her heart she is doing something millions of house owners would never ever consider. The neighbors know someone is living out that van. The opinion they have for her and me can't possibly be favorable. The risk she took to allow a total stranger - mind you a "homeless" person - to have a key to her house. I wish more people would be more like her.

Where I park is in the back of the driveway along the side of the house. I am close to the back and only 10 feet from the backdoor sliding door. And yet for 2 months she left the sliding door locked. I am forced to walk down a 60 feet driveway to the street. I am basically paraded to the street where the houses accross the street can see a guy getting out of his van and then walk up to the house with towel. Come out of the house obviously have taken a shower. It could all be hidden if I just walk 10 feet to the back sliding door. Oh well. It is what it is. I am lucky for what I have. I am not complaining. No sir.

Well then she gets a cat. Then the landlord gets another cat. And guess what...for the sake and happiness of the cats, she leaves a 6 inch opening for the cats to get in and out of the house. So now we have a constant open sliding door in the back. And no there is no "stick" at the end of the door as security bar. It is wide freaken open.

So basically, for cats.... an unlocked door. For a man...oh its getting locked. And being the stubborn man that I am, I keep parading to the front of the house for the whole world to see rather than use the unlocked backdoor. For she has unlocked it for the cats. Not for me.

Though its a bit of just observation, Please, I am still amazed at the trust this lady has. She is still admired by me for her trust in human beings. But cats still are higher on the list. lol

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Latest on my life

First time in my life I made more than $13 an hour. But guess what, I'm now living in the van. But now, I am able to find someone in the Central District of Seattle that is letting me stay in her driveway for a fee. I run an electrical cord and I have shower privileges. Life is pretty good right now. POWER! It so awesome to have electricity. Recently, I had to house sit for an ex classmate with her dog. It was hell. For a week I was depressed and had anxiety. I love the van. (Well I love the van now there is power.) But the van is having engine issues. Need to find me a commuter car.

Trying to stop a fight

Well yesterday I went to eat lunch at the Millionaire Club. Lately the food is pretty good. It was salmon with tarter sauce with mac and cheese. I sat down and started quietly eating like usual. 2 black guys in the table in front of me started arguing. Most of the time the yelling and threat of violence usually don't go anywhere. Then one guy hits the other guys. So now they are really fighting. Well, I just sprang up and got in between them and tried to break them up. I kept yelling break it up. Next thing I know I'm rolling around the ground 15 feet from where it started in between them 2. They kept hitting each other and I kept trying. Meanwhile of course everyone is just standing around. Finally someone came over to help, The dishwasher - a black man - and guess what, he grabs me off the pile! I yelled at him why he grabbed me and to grab those 2 guys fighing. Now more people came over to help and broke those 2 guys up. I just walked to my seat and continued to eat quietly like nothing happened.

Another day in the life of homelessness. The stress of being homeless gets people on edge.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I cried today

I tried to sign up for the shelter at DESC today at 8 am but they told me they are full. Went and hanged out in my van. I was hungry but it is Sunday and there is free parking in Downtown seattle so I decided to just park and hang around. I was really hungry and at 1030 I looked on my sheet and it says some people will serve brunch at 10 am today. I hurried and walked to Columbia and 6th ave under the bridge. I got there in time and was served hash browns, coffee, pancakes, scrambled eggs.

While I as eating under the bridge, emotions came over me and I started to cry. But I wouldn't let myself cry. I would not let the tears flow. It would have been a little embarrassing. You just can't let the other homeless people and the people feeding you see you cry. So I held the tears back. But then 10 minutes later it happened again. I wanted to cry and still held the tears back.

One I was just so grateful for a good meal and the situation I am in has been a heavy burden emotionally......

In a few days, I will know if I will be working as a LPN nurse or not. If I don't get hired it will be because I didn't pass the background scrutiny. It is a DSHS background that no matter where I go to apply, will be conducted.

So in a few days, either I will be homeless again for a long time and being a nurse will forever be killed..
...or I have a job as a nurse.