Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Intersection

The days, the moments leading up to an event that changes the course of a person life.

What if you see a busy intersection ahead.  Cars crossing by at break neck speed. You have no idea if the the light is Red of Green. You are forced to blindly walk across that interception. You may end up safe on the other side. You may be hit by a car with a certainty of death.

It is that walk up to the intersection.
It is that walk up to to fate.
Imagine if that walk up to that intersection is a 2 week walk.

It is that 2 week walk I am on.
I am walking and in 2 weeks I will meet this intersection.

Get killed walking blindly accross a road or make it safely to the otherside. We shall see.

I am on that walk.

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