Saturday, October 31, 2015

One of those days....sigh

Took a shower at the YMCA in downtown Tacoma.
Drove to the library on 56th street. It is pouring rain.
I still have my shower sandals on. Oh why not, its still raining. No one cares of about shower sandals.

I walk into the library. My sandals are squeeking......squeek squeek squeek.
I get into the door....squeek squeek squeek....the library and a customer look at me.

Then at the exact moment - My left sandal broke!
Yes, the sandal went flying.

So I retrieved my sandal. walked with one sandal and one barefoot to the exit door. Wait a minute, this looks stupid. Walking with one sandal and carrying the other. So I take the other sandal off. So now, I'm walking barefoot.
I got outside. There is a trash barrel. I look at my Sandal. Strap is completely broken. Unsalvageable.

I walk barefoot through water in the rain to the trash barrel. I throw the sandals into the trash can. The lid of the trash can fell off and went rolling 6 feet!

What in the world in going on!!! I go and chase the lid of the trash barrel barefoot and put it back on the trash can.

Walk barefoot to my van to put on a pair of sneakers in the rain while a family of 5 happen to just be coming out also with me.

hahahahhaha, its just one of those days.

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