Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I"m blessed

All I wanted to write is I am a blessed person. With all the mistakes I make. With all the things I do to self destruct, God won't let me fall so completely that there is no return.

Sometimes I feel like I'm a person always jumping off the bridge and its like my legs are strapped to a bungee cord.

But why? Why me?

I once tried to be an alcoholic. Failed miserably.
I should be mentally insane at this moment. Nope he won't let me have that.
I tried to my best ability to totally hate humanity. Yea, he not letting me have that either.

With me, this God of mine has the craziest sense of humor.

update (9-11-2015)
uuuuugh! how a few days change spiritually, psychologically. It is now back to Loss of Hope. What was suppose to be a job has turned to nothing. All due to the same old issue. Hiding in a cave looks appealing. The threat of financial death looms again.

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