Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Money can buy a Soul

If a store sold "Friends" we would all gladly pay for one. 

The worst and biggest lie is - Money can't buy happiness

Oh yes it can.

If I had money, I would not be lonely. People will allow them into your circle. I would not freeze at night. I would have prestige in some circles. It buys happiness.

A long close friend of mine is rich.  He flies from country to country. His wealth is not important. The bottom line - he is not poor. In desperation, I told him I am living in a van. I told him, my bank account was in the negative. But what I would like, is money for my for my website. He then began the 1 hour conversation. mostly on my website idea. He did not offer to give me money. I did not ask directly. But living in a money left in bank account? He left me with the word "Call me and ask me for money if you need it and I will see what I can do"
Days passed, he never called me to ask how I am.
Days passed, I never called him.

Weeks later, I met the Taiwanese Church representative. After meeting him, I went to beg money from another friend. She is a student in her early 20's. We have only known each other when we used to volunteer together at a Medical Center. I bluntly told her, I need to borrow money. She immediately said "Yea, no problem". There was no questions of why or how come. She makes minimum wage. After she pays her bills, at the end of the month she will give me what she has left.

Friends are hard to come buy in life. If the Walmart sold "Best Friends" for much are you willing to pay? How much is a "Friend" worth? hundreds? Thousands? Millions?

The bottom line is....if you can buy a would pay for one. They are precious.

A church could have bought my soul. (Les Miserables)

By loaning me money, my minimum wage friend has now bought my friendship for life. 

Money can buy happiness, friendships and souls.

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