Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I will miss Tacoma

I have a Temp job in Seattle to goto. I will miss Tacoma.

I will miss walking in the dark alleys.

Last night, I stood behind my van having a cigarette. A police car slowed, turned pulled behind and a policewoman steps out.

            "Where do you live"
me - Around

             "Are you homeless?"
me- Sort of
               " Got report of suspicious person around the Nativity House"
me -   The Nativity House is way down there on 25th
              "No the Nativity House is right here on the 14th"
me -   I eat at there all the time, its down on 25th
              "No its not. Its on the 14th. You have any ID on you?
me - No I do not (My wallet was in the van)
    She calls for backup. Now 3 police cars surround my van.
              "What is your name?
I gave her my name. She goes into her car to check my name and Van tags.

Meanwhile the other 2 police continue to question me. I told them "I'm not the suspicious man she is looking for."
My name and van tabs check out ok. They all leave.

I will miss shaking my head at the guy with slick back hair. Carrys a suitcase. Has a earpiece, wears a nice suit and tries to act like he is a stockbroker.

I will miss handing an extra pair of gloves to a total stranger yesterday. Its freezing and a woman walking around with no gloves. A newbie

3 night ago, again having a cig outside my van at 2 am. Out of no where a wall brown haired woman came out of no where. I mean just showed up like out of the shadows. She mumbling. Do you live in the van. Mumbling more stuff. She walks off. 1 minutes later comes back. asks for a Cig. I give her a one. She keeps mumbling but I never said a word. When approached by schizophrenics, give the stare and don't talk back. I did hear the words "Just whoring". She leaves.
I guess I will miss Mentally ill whores.

I will miss verbally bitch slapping 2 guys who tried to take my bag of potato chips.

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