Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Interview

They sent a man. A nice man. A man with good intentions.
I need shelter. Shelter while I take on a temporary job. I need someone to take me in temporarily.

I told him every detail of my life. Good and bad. And definitive evidence I'm no ordinary homeless man and evidence I am honest.

I apologized to him. For at that very moment, it was unfair to him. I was seeking shelter.
 Just because I am homeless, does not make it justified to expect help from a Church. It is also unwise to take a total stranger into a home. I would not recommend.
    He is in a peculiar situation. The church by its creed does not want to turn its back upon a needy. Yet it must protect its congregation from harm.
     I am Taiwanese and I presented it myself. Basically, he is pushed into a corner. It is a dilemma. He can't ignore me. Yet, a homeless man's plight is not what the modern church does. They want to just consult people with depression, marital issues and give a sermon or 2. An issue not welcomed. So I apologized for they are pushed into a corner.

      He said, my matter and situation would not be brought to the attention of the members of the church. It would only be talked about in a small circle of the heirachy. 

Funny, a homeless man and a church representative. And yet, sitting there, it was I who was pitying him. Maybe he pitied me. Why? I'm not sure.

I pitied him for it was unfair of a church to send him, knowing full well nothing will be done.
I pitied him .For....think about it....A few days before Christmas, and you knew someone needs help and yet you can't help. As a religious person, how does your mind wrestle with it.

Even now, after days of trying to understand it, I can't find the answer....Why would a church be afraid to tell their congregation there is a homeless Taiwanese person out there? Are we all not God's creatures? Treat all men like brothers? Usually, I"m very good at looking at things in all angles and understand all points of views. This one....has lost me.

He tried to offer me some money. I refused. I need shelter.

I walked out with a clear conscious. I'm not sure about him. It was so unfair to him.

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