Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What I learned in 2014 - Being Taiwanese is nothing special

Homeless or not, I have been a proud Taiwanese man. There was no one prouder. Now, I wish I can take down the word "Taiwanese" in the title of my blog.

- The people who kicked a 12 year old Asian boy out into the street in America....Taiwanese

- I am now 46, were there any incidents in my life where Taiwanese was beneficial? No

- I sent hundreds and hundreds of messages to people that were Taiwanese on facebook. Allot of them had my same last name. Made them aware there is a homeless Taiwanese out there. How many messaged back with any kind of message?.... Zero

- I hand delivered a letter to a Taiwanese Doctor. Dr. Laurence Tsai at St. Josephs Hospital. I park literally a block from his office. Told him to even talk to the Catholic workers and interview me or them. Did he respond? In this freezing weather did he even come take a look? NO

- I wrote to the Formosan church in Seattle. Finally my veil is unmasked. They sent a very nice and supportive man to interview. But allow the congregation know there is a homeless Taiwanese man? They are not going to do it. I guess if you are not financially well off, you don't get to belong to the Taiwanese social circle.

All, these years. Thinking being Taiwanese was special. Of all the Asian countries, I am grateful I was born Taiwanese. But the life long thinking it was something special? - A delusion.

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