Monday, October 26, 2009

The Office

Its been a while since I"ve written. Its because of a new addiction....The Office. I've never seen the tv show before. The latest Netflix selections hasn't been been too appealing. So I took a chance and rented what appeared to be a popular tv show on Netflix.

Strange, I find myself happy in the last month. I find myself smiling and laughing out loud sometimes. Memory of insane scenes from the tv show creep into my days.

I don't know how it reflects my weak state of personality but a tv show has actually influence my mood. I"ve been depressed, sad, angry. There is not many things to cheer me up. And then came The Office.

I find myself not as upbeat on the days I'm waiting for a new dvd. So I find myself pirating episodes off the internet. I"m halfway through season 5 now. And now a new fear has creeped in.

I love this new euphoria of good feelings during the day. What will happen when there are no more new episodes? I find myself futifully trying to limite myself to only 1 new episode a day. Trying to prolong the dreaded day when I've caught up to the current state of the tv show.

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