Sunday, November 1, 2009

The true reason I love a haircut

What a freaken disappointing day! Fuck, I think I"m actually a little peeved. I woke up this morning excited. Anticipating my haircut. Actually, I don't go for the haircut. I go to get a shampoo.

I always goto this vietnamese barber/school in Chinatown. The haircut is $6 and the shampoo is $2. The shampoo is usually such a treat! A nice vietnamese girl who speaks little English will shampoo. She massaged your head. Her body is inches from your face. You can't help but smell the scent from her body. And she usually massages your forehead. And conditioner is also massaged. The most wonderful feeling ever. All for 2 dollars! Well worth the price! And for me, its been over a year since I've had any human physical contact. I have to goto get a haircut once in a while to get my human contact on! lol

Well today, the barber is some woman I"ve never seen. She is all professional. The usual shampoo session that lasts 15 minutes only took her 5 minutes. There was no massaging. Shampoo, rinse, conditioner, rinse and show me the money. Sigh........

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