Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Which side of the table?

Yesterday, I'm taking off my work clothe. Taking off the double layer of thermals, double socks and changing into a pair of guess jeans and a nice shirt ....just to go take a shower! And it dawned upon me. I feel like I'm a actor in a play or something. Changing my costume for the next scene. Why do we as people do these simple things just for the pleasure of others when they see us? odd

So, I finally bought a good vacuum cleaner off Craiglist. I used this email address to ask about the vacuum cleaner and well as fate has it, the man is Asian and his name is David. He of course became curious. I would be too if some guys email was homelessxxxxxx. I agreed to meet him at his Church. I was amazed at the large crowd of Asians going to the same Church. I had a nice chat with David and took all the little pamphlets and goodies people thrusted at me. That night, I actually read the church pamphlets. And as it turns out, this David, is in charge of the Church's monthly activity of feeding the homeless under a bridge in Seattle.

A guy who is in charge of feeding the homeless from a Asian church randomly puts an item for sale and is responded by a homeless Asian...........Sounds way too neat, but it is true. hmmmmm.

So immediate reaction, I'm going to go join this merry group of church people and help them feed the homeless.

Then a interesting situation came up before I went to sleep. I could actually be fit on either side of the table. I could feed or be a feedee. So which side of the table do I belong? Should I be serving or feeding? I guess I could be on both sides. But which side is the true me.

The answer was obvious. I belong on the side being fed. Its not that I want something for free. But the people serving the homeless are not there just to fill the stomachs of the homeless. The homeless will be hungry again in a few hours. They come to serve the food to practice compassion.
The spiritual act is bigger than than deed.....I would not be doing it for the same reason.

Besides, I'm homeless. I'm not homeless homeless, but noneoftheless, a stuggling human being.

And if you ask me, I feel more comfortable on the homeless people side. But the goal is someday be more comfortable will the "normal" people.

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