Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Would you aid your brother who just killed someone?

On Halloween night, A gunman pulled up next to a squad car and opened fired on 2 police officers. One of them died.

A month later, last Sunday, a man walks into a coffee shop and shoots dead 4 police officers. One of the officers was able to shoot the suspect in the stomach. Last night, after the most frenzied man hunt I've ever seen, the suspect was found by a stolen vehicle and shot dead by a lone police officer.

A few things I found amazing:
The suspect with a stomach gun shot wound was able to evade the police for 2 days.

The 2 coffee baristas working, immediately ran out of the coffee shop. When they looked back, they saw one of the officers struggling with the assaliant. The 2 baristas then jumped into their car and drove off! They drove off accross the street and asked a man to use his cell phone to call 911.
Are you kidding me? There are plenty of stores and people around that strip mall! They had to jump into their car to call for help? What abou alerting the people in the stores right next to them?

The police were able to quickly identify who they were looking for after 6 hours. The suspect was able to somehow get to seattle. The police surrounded a house in seattle. They are 100% he was in the house. They even had visual. Some how he excaped that house!

So he is on the loose. Somehow, he was spotted getting on a bus to UW. This black man's face has a big mole. He is very identifiable. He is also only 5'7". You telling me, he was able to get on a bus and exit a bus bleeding and all?

The police found allot of blood at a park. Surrounded the park and did not find him
They searched other buildings from tips and did not find him.

At 2:45 am. A lone officer saw a parked running vehicle. Determined it was stolen. Then he saw the suspect walking up and shot him.

This guy really had a lucky time eluding the police. Remember, his was a guy shot in the stomach bleeding to death.

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