Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The land of opportunity

We all complain about this country once in a while but this is still the best country to live in. This gives country gives a poor person the most opportunity to rise up. If you study hard and work hard, you can rise from poverty. If you are in China, all the studying and working hard may still leave you in the lower end of the economic scale.

Unless you are a old guy....like me.

For a young person, education is easily gained here.

I've been reading study guides on SAT. My brain just can't seem to retain the information. I can't seem to motivate myself in the van to read these mundane texts. I end up just watching DVD's. I was parked in Chinatown one day and noticed I studied alittle more.

Not only am i fighting cold and physical weariness but my true problem is my mental health. It is really hard to read when your mentally depressed. I've noticed if I park my car in Chinatown or bring out the book at the laundry mat, I actually would read it.

Anyways, having a hard time here trying to prepare for the Compass test.

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