Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good bye for now son

I've decided to cut off everything with the crazy woman who has my son. Thus, it also cuts me off with my son. No more phone calls. Nothing. It hurts allot. But nothing I'm not used to.

Your mother is adament on visiting Vietnam. I've been pushing her for years to visit Vietnam with you. You need to learn a native language. To see there is a land that people accept the way you look. Salt lake City....not the most diverse in the world.

Look at the crazy scenerio that is happening.....

Your mom is going to use up her savings for the visit.
She plans to for at least 6 months. What about coming back to make money?
When you two return, there is no job or money in her savings.

While you two are there, I'm suppose to give her money to live.
I am currently homeless.
I have less than $1000 in savings.
There is a looming flood in Kent at our warehouse that may put me unemployed.
What is I lose my job or get injured while you two are in Vietnam?

So I spoke to a couple of Vietnamese people. They told me a single woman and a boy traveling alone is very dangerous in Vietnam. Especially, your mom doesn't even know where you two will be staying.

Even with all these things stating its a bad idea, I still decided I can support it.. On one condition, Your mom have her brother call me and convince me you will be safe. Because your mom is not the brightest person in the world and her past history tells me here statements are usually false.

Well, she became more infuriated and refuse to have your uncle call me. That's all I want. Some way to be assured when you goto vietnam, you'll be living with relatives. Not in a apartment randomly rented. Its a communist country for God sakes. And I still haven't found another vietnamese person who tell me a single Americanized woman will be safe running around by herself.

Your mom gave me the ultimatum"You support me on this trip or you don't talk to your son no more"

"Fine, You cannot use are son as a pawn in our arguements. If that is case than so be it"

I called her back and told her "We are done. We are through"

I've tried and gave everything but enough is enough. I think the future will be brighter if there is a complete break. 100% no contact.

Son, I don't expect you to understand. Understanding or not, is trivial. You don't care and should have to care about all this. All you want is to have a normal life with a father, mother and people who can show you life and love. God, I hope you turn out better than me and you mother have.

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