Saturday, January 23, 2010

library helper?

Just about everyday I see something that is so funny it should be written in here. But I tend to forget about it or get too lazy to type. Luckily we got a funny library bit.

Over weight lady is sitting at a computer. She peers over the partition and says to someone "Sir, can you go and get one of the library helper people to come here?" Then she mumbles something like she will be here all day. She keeps peering over the partition and repeated "Can you get one of the library helpers to come here?"

Finally she gets up and walks over to the library desk and gets a librarian.


Ok, really? Your first instinct is to bother someone to do something you can do yourself? All I saw was the top of her head and her eyes. And yet before she got up, I knew she was going to be overweight. She wasn't obese. But definitely a big woman. I have nothing against big people so I better not go into details on my why I predicted it. But the longer I live on earth, the jolly big people is like a unicorn.

It seems like fat people tend not be jolly but tend to be prone to weird moods and odd actions.

I'm glad the total stranger did not get up and do it for her. And on top of that, the guy she called out to wasn't even close to her. He is like 15 feet away in another section of computers.

head shaker.

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