Friday, March 30, 2012

May have to start writing here again

Story of my life. Trying to dig out and something always drags me back.

I've been trying to better myself since my last post 2 years ago. Been going to school. Studying hard on the pre-reqs. Got out of the van and found a tiny place with no private bathroom.

Finally on Jan 1st I found a place I could afford from some Chinese people. Something is fishy. They make excuses for giving me a copy of the lease agreement. Now they want to up the rent.

On top of that, my unemployment money is up. Been on unemployment for 2 years now. And come to find out my FAFSA money for school is up.

What a crazy week. Its like a perfect storm. The timing is insane. How can all these things all happen the same week.
Next quarter of  school starts in 5 days.
Tuition not paid.
After rent I'm broke.
I have no money coming in from unemployment to live on.

Looks like I may have to quit. sigh. So stressful.

I haven't seen my son in a year.

Only thing thats keeping my sane and lets me keep my mind off the incoming doom back to living homeless again is the Jeremy Lin story.

I've been watching just about all the Youtube videos on Jeremy Lin. I used to play basketball everyday when I was younger. Plus he is Taiwanese. Sitting around and hoping I get some miracle extension for Unemployment. I will hear something next week. The mind is going crazy. So much hope and yet it may all be for nothing. Only thing that keeps this depression away is the following that miracle of JLin. Finally a black president. I guess you can have an Asian as a point guard in the NBA too. Definitely a feel good story.

Anyways, was thinking I didn't need to write in here again. But things been bothering me so much I had to let it out. Even if I get funding then there are other issues not totally addressed.

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