Sunday, November 18, 2012

I cried today

I tried to sign up for the shelter at DESC today at 8 am but they told me they are full. Went and hanged out in my van. I was hungry but it is Sunday and there is free parking in Downtown seattle so I decided to just park and hang around. I was really hungry and at 1030 I looked on my sheet and it says some people will serve brunch at 10 am today. I hurried and walked to Columbia and 6th ave under the bridge. I got there in time and was served hash browns, coffee, pancakes, scrambled eggs.

While I as eating under the bridge, emotions came over me and I started to cry. But I wouldn't let myself cry. I would not let the tears flow. It would have been a little embarrassing. You just can't let the other homeless people and the people feeding you see you cry. So I held the tears back. But then 10 minutes later it happened again. I wanted to cry and still held the tears back.

One I was just so grateful for a good meal and the situation I am in has been a heavy burden emotionally......

In a few days, I will know if I will be working as a LPN nurse or not. If I don't get hired it will be because I didn't pass the background scrutiny. It is a DSHS background that no matter where I go to apply, will be conducted.

So in a few days, either I will be homeless again for a long time and being a nurse will forever be killed..
...or I have a job as a nurse.

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