Thursday, February 21, 2013

Trying to stop a fight

Well yesterday I went to eat lunch at the Millionaire Club. Lately the food is pretty good. It was salmon with tarter sauce with mac and cheese. I sat down and started quietly eating like usual. 2 black guys in the table in front of me started arguing. Most of the time the yelling and threat of violence usually don't go anywhere. Then one guy hits the other guys. So now they are really fighting. Well, I just sprang up and got in between them and tried to break them up. I kept yelling break it up. Next thing I know I'm rolling around the ground 15 feet from where it started in between them 2. They kept hitting each other and I kept trying. Meanwhile of course everyone is just standing around. Finally someone came over to help, The dishwasher - a black man - and guess what, he grabs me off the pile! I yelled at him why he grabbed me and to grab those 2 guys fighing. Now more people came over to help and broke those 2 guys up. I just walked to my seat and continued to eat quietly like nothing happened.

Another day in the life of homelessness. The stress of being homeless gets people on edge.

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