Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cats are safer than me

For 2 months now, A lady in the Central District of Seattle is allowing me to park in her driveway for a fee. I gave her $170 last month. Bless her heart she is doing something millions of house owners would never ever consider. The neighbors know someone is living out that van. The opinion they have for her and me can't possibly be favorable. The risk she took to allow a total stranger - mind you a "homeless" person - to have a key to her house. I wish more people would be more like her.

Where I park is in the back of the driveway along the side of the house. I am close to the back and only 10 feet from the backdoor sliding door. And yet for 2 months she left the sliding door locked. I am forced to walk down a 60 feet driveway to the street. I am basically paraded to the street where the houses accross the street can see a guy getting out of his van and then walk up to the house with towel. Come out of the house obviously have taken a shower. It could all be hidden if I just walk 10 feet to the back sliding door. Oh well. It is what it is. I am lucky for what I have. I am not complaining. No sir.

Well then she gets a cat. Then the landlord gets another cat. And guess what...for the sake and happiness of the cats, she leaves a 6 inch opening for the cats to get in and out of the house. So now we have a constant open sliding door in the back. And no there is no "stick" at the end of the door as security bar. It is wide freaken open.

So basically, for cats.... an unlocked door. For a man...oh its getting locked. And being the stubborn man that I am, I keep parading to the front of the house for the whole world to see rather than use the unlocked backdoor. For she has unlocked it for the cats. Not for me.

Though its a bit of just observation, Please, I am still amazed at the trust this lady has. She is still admired by me for her trust in human beings. But cats still are higher on the list. lol

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