Monday, March 4, 2013

How to Spot a fake homelss person

Me getting a second helping of rice.
This has been bugging me for a while. There is these 2 Asian guys that eat at the Millionaire's Club that serve breakfast and lunch to the homeless. The food is pretty good - that's why they come. But they are not homeless and I know they have never have in their past. If you ever been homeless, its so easy to spot a fraud. Its like us Asians that can tell a Korean from a Chinese or Vietnamese...etc. Well, for all you not in the know...the first most glaring tell.....They don't carry any BACKPACKS. 85% of the bagless = fraud.

Uggghh!! Them 2 Asian guys bug me so much whenever I see them. They show up when there is good food and skip the days when they serve nasty burgers. I purposely stare at one of them. Of course he never looks up.

On that note...I am dangerously close to be a fraud. I mean, I now have 2 vehicles and a job. My landlord asked me about this. My answer to her??

All these organizations helping people...I am exactly the kind of person they want to help. It is I who they want using their service.
Are these organizations doing what they do in hopes you stay homeless?

They want to see someone rise up from the ashes. These services main goal is to hope someone decides to end the "doing nothing with my life". There main goal is to help someone who wants to get up and be a contributor.

This breaded fish was good. (Millionaire's Club)
I am the one they are formed for. But man...if this job thing keeps going for more than 6 months from now...I am going to fall into that "Cheapskate" category. Blah..I'll say I"m just too lazy to cook and label me strange. 

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