Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I really didn't want to start blogging. But discovered there is a blogger app and well, I do have a one downtime doing nothing. Mind as well be here writing about nonsense.

I've been living in my van for a couple months in Tacoma. If you going to be homeless, choose Tacoma. More on how fantastic Tacoma for the homeless is later. Oh and if you are a drug addict, it appears the whole downtown industry is drugs trade. Tons of black folks with no jobs and yet somehow have money and women in and out. Not saying blacks are drug dealers, but I see what I see.

I decided to jump on and write because, I'm waiting to take a shower At the Guadalupe house. Typical wait is an hour. All the street people waiting, well guess when people stand around wait...? They open there mouths. 

One older gentlemen seems pretty normal. Yet everyday, eventually the conversation always gets to how he is will be getting a big 179k check from the VA. How his ex took hi business.. etc etc. Everyday the same topic. 

You got the 50-60 year old Philippine lady coming around. Sitting on the porch with the homeless. Tries to talk to one black man after another. Over heard her talking to one homeless black man she wanted him to come back to the apartment.
Yes, loneliness is a bitch. Old Philippina trying to pickup homeless black men.

Well, she's not as bad as the guy in fishing hat. Has a different woman he walks around. He was walking around with Carrie. They attend church sermon service. Then they stopped walking together and Carrie told me he was touchy feelie and just want to her to do things. She's not into that.
Well he eats at the soup kitchen almost everyday. He carry's  around Like 3 bags. Always walking with some different woman he meets. And yes he lives in an apartment. But man, if you going to do that, please don't attend church. Go pickup normal women in a normal church. 

Just because we poor don't mean we want to sleep with you because you got an apartment.

Loneliness, more powerful than love.

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