Monday, July 6, 2009

The Impossible Climb of my Son

I want to list the how tough it is for my Son in his future. Emotionally, Spiritually. But what could conquer all that faces him is Love. And there is the delimma. I"m 800 miles away. How do I infuse Love into his life to offset all he is to face? God help him.

Can only Speak English-
He is Asian. But can only speak English. I nagged his mother constantly to speak only Vietnamese to him. She does not take it serously.

He is born to a very poor family

He has hardly any playmate. To get anywhere in life, is to have friends.

He does not witness any love. His mother yells and argues with his grandma. His father and mother do not love each other. He has no idea what love is.

When older, he is Asian. Looked upon as uncool. Smaller in statue than other students. Does not have the home training to be more knowledgeable than other kids. Where does he belong?

No faith. He does not goto Church. Where will his spiritual heart go?

Oh, I fear for my Son everyday. It be a miracle if he is a Happy teenager. Impossible. The anger of his situation will surface.

Why do other kids have it so much better than him. He'll want to belong somewhere with somebody. But who? He can't speak Chinese or Vietnamese. He lives in a Hispanic area and they do not accept him.

One day a Hispanic girl tried to play with him. Her mother rushed over and took her away. Scolding her. She is not to play with him. Even the Hispanics look down upon that house.

God help him.

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