Monday, July 6, 2009

Asian women running to White guys..figured out

Ok, while getting dizzy watching the dryer go round and round, I a few things came clear to me.

What was not clear was a white guy putting his clothe in the dryer. He takes his clothe, shakes them out. Then lay them nice and neatly in to the dryer. Laying each on gently and gingerly on top of one of another. get the point. Actually, I don't get the point of it all and I'm not about to ask him.

Most people frequently the laundry mat are Hispanics. As I watch the ladies deligently wash multi loads of clothe, the question emerged...why are Hispanic women not flocking to White men like Asian women?

The latest census report show--Asian Women Marrying White Men were the largest multi racial mix to gain in the last 10 years. BY A HUGE PERCENTAGE. Any other mixed marriage were not even close.

Why is it only Asian women?
Why are the Hispanics, Native Americans, Arabians women not look at their race of men like trash like Asian women do?

The answer is culture.

The Asian culture is a sad culture. There is no happiness.

Everyone culture has celebrations. Music. Parties to cement relationships of family to family. Sports.

I sat in the laundry mat watching Mexican channel. The Hispanic women can see Hispanic men, prominent in Soccer. Highest paid Soccer athlete making 20 million a year is Hispanic. The Music of Latinos. The dancing. They have something to be proud of in their culture and their men.

What the hell do us Chinese have? Shit, I can't think of one Asian man I'm proud of.

I don't blame the Asian women running off to seek happier pastures.

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