Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I just had a crazy emtional experience. It went from Shock, worried to Anger in a spane of 1 minute.

I'm in the library. A friend calls me. Wants to talk to me. So I told her call back in 1 minute. We are not allowed to use the cellphone in the library. I've had the library police scold me before. I see 2 Asian ladies sitting at the table next to mine. So I unplugged my laptop and took it over to their table.

I asked the to watch my laptop. I'll be right back. I just need to make a phone call. They nod their head.

I talked outside for 9 minutes. When I walked back into the libarary....I don't see the ladies. I walked to the table and do not see my laptop! What the fuck??? Those stupid ass Asian ladies stole my laptop! Unfucking believable!

I looked around, walked around and saw the two ladies in a classroom. I walked in on them. I asked them where is the laptop. They say sorry, they forgot. They have a class and forgot. ARe you fucking serious!!! So, in their classroom I chastised them! "You left my laptop on the table all by itself? And look (I pointed at the table) Someone has stolen the laptop!"

Their faces is what angered me the most!!! There was no reaction of shock..sorrow or OMG!!! No, it was 2 faces of calm and just ....oh, sorry, we forgot.

Never trust Asian people. If I was white, they would have guarded that laptop with their lives.

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