Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wishy Washy Ex

I've tried to get my son and his mother to come to Seattle to visit. An opportunity to take him camping and get away from Utah. I've offered to pay for everything. Last month, she says ok. Now she doesn't want to. She wants to go visit Vietnam. I was upset but ok with it.

This morning she calls and now I've agreed to give her $800 dollars a month when she goes to Vietnam to help her. I'm very ok with her going to Vietnam. I believe my son needs to learn a second language. But when she comes back, she will not have a job. So I've agreed I would give her $800 even after she returns to Utah for living expenses.

So, Benjamin, when you read this when you are older, I try and do whatever I can. But man, your mother is so Wishy Washy and have no clue how lucky she is still have an ex willing to help her.


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