Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The tough things about being Homeless.

I've come to realize lately my blog has less and less posts of me being homeless. Its more of my stupid stories and me bitching about the world. And today, something odd came into my email. Someone from the Asian English newspaper want to interview me about Homeless Asians.

I personally wouldn't mind or care. But the news to the few friendships I still preciously hold on to would be destroyed.

What is it like to be homeless?- ------

Truthfully, its not all that bad. Last weekend, I ate at a Buffet. Watched "Hangover" at the movie theatre. Not a horrible life you people imagined huh?

What is the toughest issue about being homeless?----------

By far the number issue...Loneliness. You can't find new friends because..well..who wants to befriend a homeless person? The badge of "homeless" is worse than a badge of drug addict.
And the old friend who used to have...well who wants to continue being a homeless loser's friend?

The toughest inconvenience----------------
Definitely your hygene. If you have to go use the bathroom in Seattle, and you look homeless...I don't think most people understand how tough it is to find a place. I give you a crazy example.
One day, I really really had to take a piss. I went to DESC on 3rd and Cherry. DESC, a nonprofit who's motto is about helping the homeless, well they wouldn't let me use the bathroom!!! To this day, I'm still baffled by that. The person at the front desk says I have to be a registered client.

Basically, being homeless is really not that tough of a life. However, should your feet gets tired and want to lay down and take a nap...good luck trying to find a comfortable place.

I tell you what is the toughest thing for a homeless person..............
Trying to financially jump from being homeless to a house. First, last month's rent and a deposite. Electricity....bills...well you people in the general public understand.

Over all...being homeless is not that hard. But would I like to live in a nice house??? Hell yea!

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