Monday, June 8, 2009

Beach house

The car on the left is mine
Low tide. Picture of the house from the water

The veiw of the ocean from my room

Bald eagle!

So again, I pretended to be normal and joined some old friend at a beach house. Its owned by an old friend's sister. I really had fun and enjoyed myself. It was bitter sweet being there.

Sweet- Nice to goto the beach, eat good food and have company.

Bitter- Realized how humans really don't care for other humans.
As I drove to the ferry dock and off, I pass homeless people. These rich folks that have beach houses would never invite a homeless person to there home. They would not give .5% of there income to give someone a better life. Sigh. But a stray dog....they bend over backwards for it.

Crazy rich these people are. The beach house is worth close to 2 million. And they don't spend very much time there. They have a main house in Seattle. Inmagine how nice their Seattle home must be! On top of that, they have a ski lodge in Whistler! The property tax on that beach house is more than I make a year! Sick. The owners are around my age too. They been retired for 14 years. And their kids are only 13 and 16.

I still think its funny. A homeless man hanging around a 2 million dollar beach house. If they only knew!

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