Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The fool vs the Drug Dealer

I haven't ate a good meal in a few days. This morning I was able to get a take out of rice, squid and chicken. Ate every last spoonful. I suppose the nourishment gave me the energy to get myself in a interesting confrontation today.

Today, I'm driving my delivery truck in Chinatown. I'm at Maynard and King. The hot spot of drug dealing, prostitution and the homeless to congregate. Its smack in the middle of Chinatown and the park is their haven/headquarters. The car in front of me stops and a black man from the park gets into the car. Then jumps out. But the car still not moving. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what is happening. So I decided to pull next to the car really close. He tries to move forward and I pull forward too. Boxing him him.

The driver is pissed. Yelling profanity at me. And yell back. "Fuck you. Stop selling drugs in my neighbor hood!" Well the profanity yelling went back and forth. He finally thinks he can intimidate me and get out of his car. He is a monstor of a man. 6'4" at least 240 lbs. "Fuck you ! go sell drugs in another neighborhood!"

He gets back into his car and we yell at each other some more. He gets out of his car again. This time I get out of my truck. In the middle of the road, in the middle of Chinatown, I spread my arms

"Hit me! Cmon hit me. Take your best shot. Hit me as hard as you can. In fact, I"ll even turn around for you!!! " I even turn my back to him.

The half black half white man was so mad. He wants to hit me so bad. His partner urgin him to get into the car and not attract the police. I want him to hit me. He gets back into the car. Well, I don't need the truck towed after I'm taken to the hospital so I hop back into my truck.

For some reason, Chinatown in Seattle is a haven of prostitutes and drug dealers. The criminals rule the night in Chinatown. DRive through Chinatown at 6 pm. Store owners barricading their stores and the place is deserted before 7 pm. But its not the drug dealers fault. The Chinatown Business Association, owners who made their riches their and yet will not fund simple steps as putting up bright lights to discourage criminal activity. There is Donny, the lone neighborhood policeman who has his hands full with resident issues.

I don't blame the police. They are doing their part. Arrests are made and new wave of dealers and users move in. No, I blame the rich owners of the resteraunts. Invest a little to combat the crime. Lights, private security, How about the simple thing of locking your trash bins. they only have one thing in mind. Money.

Putting my body in the line of fire. Hit me motherfucker! Let my blood stain the streets from a drug dealer in Chinatown. Bring the spotlight of attention! Doing my good of a homeless Asian for my own people who shun me! None of them would let me use their shower to clean myself. And yet I put my body in the line of Fire for them.-------I'M A FOOL

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