Saturday, September 19, 2009

The world creates who we are

I'm not saying anything new. We all treat others by are own biases judging by the other person's appearance. I've come to many conclusions why I really don't like people.

I treat everyone the same. I wish all people I treat everyone I come accross with kindness and respect. Well, that is a rare event these days because I go days and days without ever speaking to anyone. But when I do, I wish them well.

I speak to the homeless person without a shirt the same way I held the door open yesterday for a man in a tie. But why does the rest of the world not act the same way I do?

I've been sick a few days. I had to water my hair down this morning. I haven't shaved in a couple weeks. I just looked in the mirror right now in the Safeway bathroom. Wow, my appearance is really bad. Sleek oily looking hair. Face looking all sick and tired. Hair on my chin.

If I saw myself walking on the street, doesn't look like I person I want to befriend.

Oh, how different my personality is compared to my exterior expression.

I guess my rough exterior has had its benefits. Getting through tough times. Tough places where a sweet normal person would have problems. Even thugs are afraid of "crazy".

I looked in the mirror today. Its been a while. I suppose I can't blame the world for being indifferent to me . Our appearances. How it affects the world around us. Its so odd. Because If I shave and wear normal clothe, people tell me I'm so handsome.

What a shallow world this is.

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