Monday, September 14, 2009

Why are Asian people fearful of other Asians?

It sucks so much to be an Asian person in America. I can go on and on. But the self discrimination among us is the worst.

Im hanging out at the Safeway Starbucks. Watching Heroes. a almost shirtless white dude sits down with a Asian woman. They are talking about how to get 10 dollars to get to Tacoma and what to do for money once they are there. Holy Moly!! I finally see a homeless Asian person and there she is. She is dressed quite normal. Not skinny or fat and I would say close to 50 years old.

It takes a homeless man to recognize another homeless person. Especially when they leave, they leave behind a bear can on a Starbucks table. lol

When I left Safeway, those two were at a table outside. I went to talk to them. We had a 5 minute conversation. She actually spoke Chinese to me.

It was a very awkward conversation. She and the shirt white dude are not a couple. And she makes an excuse they have to look at some places and said goodbye very politely. I watch them walk down half a block and then sit down again.

What they hell??? Even homeless Asian women are afraid of other Asian men? Why? A black man starts a conversation with a black women and there is not fear. A homeless mexican women will seek out other Mexicans to conversate with.

What is up with Asian people?

Why are we so unfriendly to each other?

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  1. So you just skipped the self-reflection on part on what you could have done or said to contribute to the situation. The empathy part where your intentions may have been read, or that they had other concerns. You just skip to blaming not only the other person, but the entirety of Asian peoples. I've a feeling the issue is a bit closer to home than you think.