Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Acting as a normal person

Flying to SLC Utah, I booked on Delta and chose my seat online. Much better than the cow herding on Southwest. I saw there may have been 4 Asian people getting on the flight. And what do you know, my seat mate was a Japanese girl who attends UW. So I told her excuse me and took my seat. I was prepared to clamp it down and give her her space. But strangely enough, she started asking me where I'm headed and where I was from. Weird, she was not afraid of my Mongol look.

Well, it turned out to be the most enjoyable ride I've ever had on a plane. We did allot of small talk. We are both Asian so there wasn't any fighting for shoulder room. We both listened to our mp3 players. She was even open to switching mp3 players. I got to see what kind of music she was into. She had a Ipod with very tame music on it. I had a cheap $15 player with all sorts of crazy music on it.
It was very friendly and non of that uncomfortable feeling someone is trying to hit on the other. The age difference I believe did that. All good.
We seperated and wish other a good trip and that was it.

A few things were revealed about her. Her name is Laura. Well taken care of all her life. On the flight, she had a box of thank you cards. She was like writing a dozen thank you cards to family members who gave her birthday gifts. She was on a transfer trip to Santa Barbara.
Where she is headed and where she is from, is of money. Family of loving and caring siblings. Never had much to worry about in life. She is studying to teach mentally challenged kids.

Basically, who I am, my past and my future....this Laura was a complete opposite.

I wonder...if she knew I was homeless.............

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