Saturday, May 9, 2009

To give or not to the question

99% of the panhandlers you see, will take that money and go buy drugs. I don't know if that is a shocker to anyone, but you'll have to believe me. I'm a expert on the homeless population. That 99% is a very very accurate assessment.

Even that old old sweet looking 75 year old grandpa you see panhandling? Yup..big drug addict. The old man on Rainier and Dearborn. The one who walks very slowly with a limp. Sweet looking old man. Gives a nice smile and wave. Does not look like a drug addict. Hate to say it people, Saw him go around the corner about a year old buying crack from a car. Don't let looks deceive you.

So, a few years ago, I was very adament about not giving any money to any of he beggers. Cause, I know where the money is going. Drugs. But now, I have a change of heart. I now believe its ok to give a little to them. Why? Aren't you just supporting he drug dealers? Well there is 2 reasons...

1. All charity benefits the giver than the one receiving the gift. For 2 dollars, you can give someone and feel good about yourself for the rest of the week. 2 dollars is not going to solve the panhandlers problems. 1 million dollars given by Bill Gates to some organization is just him trying to look good in life. That money will be swallowed up by administration costs. Don't get me started on the non-profits. I've worked for enough of them. I know the ins and outs. Please don't get me started on this. I can give you so many stories of non-profits are just a business and the desire to help is lost.

2. For the first time last night, I had a few drinks in my Van. I drank a 2cups of Rum mixed with orange juice. I don't drink very often. Maybe it was my empty stomach. I only ate a small cup of chili for dinner. But after the first cup, I was feeling really really buzzed from the alcohol

For 2 hours, Gone were the constant pain of loneliness.
For 2 hours, Gone was the anger of God treating me like Job.
For 2 hours, Gone was the chilly night.
For 2 hours, Life was ok

So, maybe the money you give a panhandler will end it in a rich drug dealers hands. But since you can't solve his addiction or cure his mental disease, give him 2 hours of seperation from the demons of his mind.

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