Sunday, May 10, 2009

Can't count on fellow Taiwanese person. So sad.

This thing has been bothering me so much the last few days! I'm going to finally blog about it.

I found the name of a Taiwanese person. For her sake, I'm not going to reveal who or what she is. I didn't run accross her on the internet. But I did get her email address by typing her name in google. I go interested in her because her profession is a financial manager for people. Perfect! Exactly what I need. And she is Taiwanese. This should work!

At the end of each month, I'm broke. Gas for driving here and there. $200 a month on coffee is taxing. Out of boredome, I donate to casinos. All the eating out is not the most frugal either. They say, money flows a fools open hand like sand. I am a fool.

So, I've emailed her. Asking her I need her do me a favor. But she has to promise me she cannot reveal who I am to anyone in the world! I don't need to be paraded around like a circus attraction. Look! Its a homeless ASian Person! Come see him. ...No thank you. So after a couple emails, she is having a hard time understanding what I want.

All I want is to give her cash once in a while and have her hold onto it for a year. I don't want to know who she is. I don't care what she does with it. I just can't have access to it.
I'm not begging her for money. Or any material thing. In fact, I'm trying to give her Money!

Well, she was so confused why someone wants to just give her cash to hold onto. So finally, out of desperation.....I gave her the link to this blog!.....My precious private blog.


So I sent her the link to this blog and asked her it is really important she does not reveal this to anyone in the world....And guess what happens?????

After I gave her this link...she has not replied. She saw I was a homeless and ran. No reply from her since.

I guess Taiwanese people are not as helpful and kind to the plight of other Taiwanese as I thought.

Here is the kicker!......she is very involved with a Asian non-profit agency. YEA, your involved in a non-profit because you have a heart....MY ASS!!!!!

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