Thursday, May 7, 2009

no wonder people don't buy American cars

I've been trying to change the water pump in my car. I got all the parts. Its not a hard task. I get the serpentine belt off. Start to take a few bolts off the Waterpump and then I saw something. I stared at it and stared and stared in disbelief. I could not believe my eyes. One of the bolts is behind he wheel of the power steering pump. Un-freaken believeable!. The water pump is behind and under the engine. I have to find a way to lift up the car, and take all kinds of things apart to get to the water pump, just to move it 1 inch so I can have clearance for one little bolt!

Ok, I spent half an hour staring at the situation. There must be something I'm missing. Nope, I dont' see anyway around it. A simple 1 hour fix is going to turn into a major 3 hour mess!

Now, I understand what the design engineers were thinking....Well, people just normally take it into our service department. And there its a easier fix cause they can lift the car way up in the air.

But they don't realize, the average poor joe, who has to fix their own cars, are going to laugh at this supidity and next time not buy a Buick again.

No wonder when I took it to a shop last Saturday, the man quoted me $400. I couldn't understand why so much. The water pump I bought brand new at Schucks only costs $35 dollars. $350 in labor charges? I'll do it myself.

For a 1 inch clearance, I have to take almost the whole engine apart! WOW.

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