Tuesday, May 5, 2009

no work today..fun on tman show

Business has been very slow for resteraunts. When I walked into work today, the boss told me to take a day off. Is a common thing for us drivers. Once or twice a week, someone will be told to take a day off.

So I went to Safeway and got on the Stickam. Stickam is a webcam community. And the local radio show Tman Show on Kube 93 airs in the morning in Stickam. 6 listeners can be posted on video while the show is being aired. I was chosen as one of those 6 listeners. Finally, for the first time, I was able to use the webcam on my laptop.

I was really fun being on webcam. I've never been on a webcam before. I never knew how clear the webcams can be.

I guess it was enjoyable because I got to do something different in my life for once.

Forcing to day off from work sucks but I really enjoyed it. I'm sure there will be more days I'm forced to take a day off in the future. Currently, I'm averaging around 34 hours a week now.

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