Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where is the hair?

Ok, so I shaved to let my son see what shaving is all about. Don't worry, I'm growing it all back. Didn't take many pictures. Really miss my son right now. Sad to leave him. I feel his lonliness also. But I'm also happy to be away from his mother. At least 4 times she really got on my nerves. Like, we too our son to his first soccer game the day after I landed. She got him shin guards. But didn't know to buy him soccer shoes. So, while all the other kids were playing a serious game of soccer in spike shoes....my son is running around the field in shoes that has flashing lights.....lmao. So funny right now, but sitting on the sidelines, I was so mad and embarrassed.
Can't wait to have my Mongol look back. It takes me like a month to grow my Fu Manchu.

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