Friday, May 1, 2009

People don't really care

One of the crazy beliefs I have......People really don't care about others unless its their job or they feel people are judging them at that moment.

Take in point what just happened at Safeway.......

Its a little breezy for Seattle weather today. A cart blows out the cart bay in the parking lot. It is very close to the entrance of the store. It rolls back in stops in the middle of the parking lot. Literally right smack in the middle where car drive up down.

I'm on the cellphone talking to Schucks about a water pump. (water pump on my car is leaking. My car is my home) The cart is only like 15 feet from the front of the store. My immediate reaction is to go and move it out of the way.....but I stopped myself and decided to watch and see what would happen.

Yup, just like I guessed...People walked in and out of the store and didn't do anything about the cart. A man even walks 2 feet from the cart, gets in is car, backs out and had to go out of his way to drive around it.

Another man, walks straight for the cart, surely he's the guy..he even has a name tag from some store on....but nope! he walks right by it also.

Cars drive by to avoid it, One car just didn't even bother to go down that aisle.

Finally a bagger came and got it.

If its not your job or no one is judging you, you don't really care.

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