Sunday, May 10, 2009


I've been growing a Fu Manchu. I'm saving it till I see my son on Thursday. Happy to see my son. Sad to leave him later. Bothered I have to put up with his mother for a few days. He hates his Grandma. His mother is too mentally slow to mentally development him properly. My son has never had a playmate. A friend. I've been nagging and nagging her for 6 years to find him a playmate. Happily to report, his mother has allowed him to have a school friend come over to play once in awhile now.

Anyways. Here is my FU. It allows me to have the Fierce look. When I'm around the homeless people. I give them my "Don't fuck with me" look. And even the mentally unstable ones leave me alone. I guess I must have a Fierce look. I remember the last time I went to DT seattle how there was a drunk man dancing around. A Indian woman commented she is worried he is going to get beat up. She was worried about me. She saw my Fierce Stare. Not to worry, the dancing drunk never came near me.

I'll be cutting off the FU in Utah. I'll let my son watch me shave.

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