Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Asian and their Peepee Insecurity

I went into the Safeway bathroom to pee. Immediately after I'm standing at the urinal, a Asian Man comes in. There is only 2 urinals. He goes to the other urinal and stands with his back completely, to me! I've never seen anything like it! He is literally on the side of the urinal instead of infront. Why are Asian men so insecure with their peepees???

I understand our weiner is tad on the small side relative to other races. But we are men. We really don't care. Besides, I'm Asian too!

I can understand maybe a little side angle to me. But this guy has his back completely to me!

I'm not sure what department he works in, but he's got his Safeway hat and gear on. Most likely in the Deli department. Safeway all have an Asian food deli section now.

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