Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This blog is really for one person

Ok, I guess I'm going to rant a little about bloggers and blogging

The truth about most blogs is....no one cares about your blog! You have to be insane to think "Oh, my life is so interesting, people will want to read it!" Sorry buddy. Everything thinks their life is interesting. The other problem is, the people who would have a interest in reading blogs, well .................are too busy typing their own blog.

(we talking most general blogs. here)

Us humans seem to have this need to have our opinions heard. To know we are revelavant somehow. To tel the world, Hey! I'm alive. Its a weird combination of our ego, pride, a need to create...mainly its just ego.

For me, I have al those shallow human needs stated above but also another reason. Personally, the less people reading this..the better.

Someday, my son will wonder who his father is. I"m not going to convince him who I am. I'll just let him read my sillly stories and let him judge.

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