Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sitting in Safeway

I've finally found the perfect place to hang out! It's not easy for a homeless man with a laptop to find a good place.

Starbucks- Not a good place for a homeless guy. I don't need super giddy baristas staring at me wondering why I have no life. But the wifi at Starbucks are really good and fast.

Mcdonalds- Not a bad place to hang out. The staff are usually Hispanic and don't mind seeing poor men and they are trained to be very corteous. However, Mcdonald's wifi really really suck! he average KB download is around 35. There is one Mcdonalds in Renton by the airport that is really super fast.

So where did I find my place to hang out???? Safeway!!! Yes Safeway.

The wifi is 100% free. No Boingo signup like Starbucks or Mcd's. And the speed is rediculously fast. It runs on like 400k download. I just signed up for Netflix today. And one of the options on Netflix is the ability to watch movies online. So I watched "Letters from Iwo Jima" The speed is so fast in Safeway, I was able to watch a movie with no slow down at all. Amazing!

And the other fantastic thing about Safeway?....They have cushioned benches! It may sound trivial but for me its a real blessing. No more aching butt from sitting in Mcdonalds or Starbucks! I love it!

So, you'll find me sitting at the Safeway in Burien from now on!

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