Sunday, April 19, 2009

Born into Brothels

Thank God for Netflix. I'm able to keep myself sane by watching movies constantly at Safeway. They have a watch online section but the movie titles are limited.

I started watching "Born into Brothels". I"ve only watched maybe half of it and I'm not sure if I'll finish watching it. Don't get me wrong. Its a good movie. But a documentary without a plot makes it hard to keep my attention.

The movie is about a photographer who befriends a group of children in the brothels of Calcutta India. She gives them cameras and teaches them how to use them. It as almost impossible for her to film in the red light district. So her solution was to use the children.

The result was some very real images of lives their lives.

For me, it kind of hits home, I have nothing to complain about. My situation is not desirable but there are much worse off people in the world.

Pretty much most of those children in the brothels will grow up to be a prostitute themsleves, or other illegal indevers. They have a dire situation. A tough climb out.

And unlike them, I have the option to fix who I am.

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