Friday, April 24, 2009

More on getting Asian men to act right

Ok, so a continuation of my rant on how Asian Men act (Why Asian Women don't respect Asian Men)

3- Stop trying to have better hair then the women.
The Japanese Boys are real big offenders of this. If you spend as much time in a Salon to color and perm you hair as a woman...their is something wrong. Why are you trying to look
"cute" And the key word is "Boy" because you sure don't look manly.

4- Learn to give compliments
Blacks, White, Hispanics....they will verbally tell a woman if how well she looks today. When is the last time you heard a Asian Man say nice things to a woman in public? This Asian attitude of "too macho to say anything nice" is so weak. In fact, the Asian macho points to how insecure they really are.
I'm not talking about trying to pick up a woman or verbally sexual assault them. I'm talking about a simple. "You look nice today" "I like what you wear"

5- Enough with the smoking
I was walking in Downtown Seattle about a year ago. A homeless guy asks me for a cigarette. I wasn't smoking. I was just walking. So I asked him...Why do you think I would have a cigarette. And his reply..."Because you are Asian" And we had a good laugh over that. lol

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