Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nothing to complain about

Well, this kind of sucks. I'm going to complain about there is nothing complain about. I"m a natural whiner. But there is really nothing to whine about right now. The weather is beautiful. I"m not waking up with frost on the window. I ate a big plate of Yakisoba today.

I bought a case of beer and the checkout lady demanded to see my ID. Nothing to complain about there.

I have long hair and facial hair. I look really fierce. Some middle aged woman with her son walks past me and smiles. YOu know, its one of those smiles not to say hi....its a smile to well.....I'll smile at that fierce looking homeless man and things will be ok. She's got the "be friendly to others and they will be friendly to you.....and please don't hurt me"....lol.

Well, a smile is a smile. I'll take it.

Oh, I do I have a complaint!!! My Hanes underwear has fooled me again. The Hanes underwear decided they want to be unique and put their label in the front instead of the back. What is wrong with them? Why can't they go with the flow and put the label on the back of he undewear.

It is now twice!!! That I've noticed I've got my underwear backwards and the opening side of my underwear is on my butt instead of the front!.

That's not very cute when you are walking around a Fitness Club after showering with the opening of your underwear on you butt side. A big no no.

Geezez, now everytime I put on my underwear I have to check to see if its the right way. Why does Hands have to screw with that?

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