Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why Asian Men prefer White men

I don't know where I"m going with this subject but I figure it needs to be addressed. Basically, the core of the issue is that .....Asian women don't respect Asian men.
And to start and arguement, that's why Married Asian Couples have allot of arguements.

In reality, I don't blame them the Women. Asian men are kind of the ones to blame for this.

I have so much to whine about this subject..I'll be coming back frequently to add to it.

1- What's with the Collar Popping among the Asian men? You know, they stick their collar up on their shirts to look cool....and to hide our skinny necks. BUT IT DOESN'T LOOK COOL! In fact..the reverse affect happens. They look gay and desperate. I just want to laugh everytime I see a guy with a popped collar. LAME.

2- Too black or too White
At different stages of a Asian's person's life...we sometimes gravitate toward white music and ways. Then all of sudden we decide we like Black ways. Ok, so us Asians don't have much cultural identification to latch onto in US. We only have food.
But that doesn't mean to go over board! 2 examples.
a) Young ASian man at Ranch 99 with sideway hat and trying hard to walk with a pimp limp. Orders 2 pounds of roast pig and somehow the words of "Dog" "Cool" "Man" were spoken to the Chinese butcher who can barely understand English. At least I got a kick out of it.

b) Seattle Deli. A 30's Asian man gets his Sandwich and gets into a 1970's Mustang. He's got the slick back hair and must put on huge Sunglasses before driving. He's hoping his American classic car and Huge sunglasses will somehow magically give him coolness and hide the fact he is Asian and turn him white. All I know is, after 1 year, that picture of that guy is still stuck in my head. A sorry individual trying to be who he can't be.

I guess Basically, STOP TRYING TO ACT "ITS EMBARRASSING TO BE ASIAN". For Christ sakes, be a normal dressing and acting Human Being.

There is so much more to ad on this but I need to go eat and take a shower.

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