Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Found Respect for Fat people

One time in LA fitness, I stripped to my underwear and headed for the showers. At the same time, a huge black man heads for the shower right in front me! He is like 6'5" and at least 250 lbs and NAKED. Are you freaken serious! I have to walk behind him?

I feel like a freaken ant behind him. He's strolling in all his freedom without a care in the world. He was a freak of a physical specimen. Muscles everywhere and not an ounce of fat. And I have to walk behind this! Geezez.

One thing about Fitness clubs is, you can't hide your physical physic. You wear very little clothing and most of it is tight fitting. You don't get to wear a mumu to hide your fatness.

Surprisingly, everytime I go into a LA fitness, I'll see someone who weighs around 400 lbs. I"ve never been a woman, but these 400 lb women running around with other women with perfect bodies must be a immense mental challenge.

I have to give some kudos for these fat people, having the courage goto a fitness center. It can't be the most comfortable place they choose to be.

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