Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More on my strolling

So I never finished writing about my stroll in Seattle on Saturday.

Its dusk and I've walked down Jackson lost in the masses of Sounder fans, Hoodlums, and workers scurring to get home. I turned on 4th to head up to DT Seattle.

As I walked up 4th, I wanted to cross the street to rest at the park. Then I noticed a drunk Indian woman spawled out on the sidewalk throwing things around. So here I have the option, ---cross the street because it just gave me the walk sign. Or continue on this side of the street and walk past a crazy drunk woman. I think you can guess which pass I took.

So as I'm walking toward this crazy mess of a woman, all of sudden, a Drunk white guy staggers out of the bar. He almost ran into the street. He turns around and is smack face to face with me. He give out a hefty greeting to me. (I can't remember what he says) And he raises his hand to give me a high five. Ok, why not, I enthusistiacally give him a high five.

Well, he was too drunk and our hands missed competely! lol Now he opens his arms wide and want to give me a hug. Oh, why not and I gave him a hug. And I then walked past him to go witness the car wreck of a drunk woman on a sidewalk throwing things around.

Nothing new to report here about her, just a typical drunk on sidewalk. We all seen it.

Around 8:15 pm, I finally got to the Pike Market. Its pretty much a scene of empty stalls, workers hosing and cleaning bins, and lost tourists. A guy with a sleeping bag takes a double look at me and offers me his sleeping bag for $2. He says he's only used it once. So in the middle of the sidewalk with tourists walking around us, he unrolls his sleeping bag and gives me his best sales pitch. He wants $2. Oh what the hell. I bought the sleeping bag.

What the hell am I going to do with a sleeping bag? There is no way in hell I'm going to use it. The guy had a typical homeless ranky smell. Who knows what else the bag has absorbed from this man! So here I am, walking down Pike Market really really looking homeless with a sleeping bag in tow! lol

Well, good thing, not too far, I come accross the row of Indians sitting in a row. There is one thing I always thought was odd about the Indians at Pike Market. The Pike Market Park is basically the Native Americans local bar. And for some reason, they always sit in a row. Its like its a unwritten rule for them! No sitting face to face. You all must sit in a row. And it's got to be at least 10 deep.

Next time you go there, check it out. Native Americans, sitting in a row at least 10 deep. Well, they thought I was a Native because of my long hair and facial hair. Well, I just called out who wants a sleeping bag and that was that. Bag given away.

So in a matter of 10 minutes I bought something I don't want and gave it away. Felt pretty good

Well, the guy who took my sleeping bag was so grateful, he gave me a cross he made from string. Its pretty nice. Its Red.

I should start putting up picture of things I blog about.

That's the beauty about being homeless and looking pretty fierce. I can anywhere and do anything. I can hug a drunk guy. A Man in a suit giving a drunk guy a hug?...may be frowned upon. A man in a suit may have a walk-in closet and tub to soak in...but I got the freedom to whatever I want.

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