Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Watching people at Ranch 99

Today was a really cloudy day and some drizzle. Not much sun at all. I'm driving and I see a young man at a bus stop and he is wearing sunglasses. Really? Its that important to be cool to have the need to wear sunglasses with a sky full of clouds?

I don't own a pair of sunglasses.

Well, that normally would not warrant a blog but then this happened at Ranch 99 when I went to get some food.

I sat at the tables in the mini Food Court area (Food Court is really a major stretch but I have no idea how else to label it)...ok...a few tables they set up for you to eat.

Well, my seat allowed me to watch as people walk a 20 foot section as they approach the BBQ and hot food area. It gives me my entertainment for the day. Its amazing watching women walk. There is something really sensual he way women walk. NOt the crazy cat walk of models but normal everyday women strolling. They are just walking! And yet, how is it that something is placed in our men's brains that is attracted to it? Why are we not attracted to the way a horse walks or the stroll of a pig?

This Asian fella comes walking in with really dark sunglasses on. Really? You really feel he need to be cool so bad, you have to wear sunglasses inside a building and outside in raining weather?
Then of course, he's got his designer jeans and "wantabe" cool walk. He's got a major "Dork" all over him. And to top it all off, yup...you guess it! He's wearing a blue tooth in his ear and no one to talk to.

Cmon Asian people! Stop tring so hard to be cool.

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