Sunday, April 12, 2009

Does a Baby poop in the stomach?

So Tran had his first baby girl 6 days ago. He calls me up and is amazed that his daughter knows when it poops and pees and would cry! A baby seem to be oblivious to anything around them but seems to know why it poops or pees. And how come it would know to cry?

Which lead to the question...Does a baby poop when it was in the mother's stomach? Hmmmm. If it does poop in the stomach...gross!!!

If it doesn't poop in the stomach...How does it know its out and can now poop? And how does he/she know it is ok to poop now?

Wow, another mysterious miracle of life.

And for some reason its one of those mysterious in life that I don't want the answer to. Sometimes its better not to know the answer and just be mizmerized by life. Sort of like choosing not knowing how magicians do their thing. Cause he aura of wonderment is lost once you know.

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